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Security check | Non-transportable items | Arms and ammunitions

Since 11 September 2001, more rigorous security regulations are in place in airports throughout the world, so also at Ferihegy International Airport. In compliance with serious requirements, not only the security checks have become stricter but also the transport of certain objects and materials may be transported only restricted, for example in a checked baggage, or may not be transported at all.


  • Ticketing should be commenced 1-2 hours prior to departure
  • Pocket-knives, knives, scissors may be kept only in a checked-in baggage
  • X-rays do not harm pacemakers and celluloid
  • Dangerous items may only be transported in appropriate packing

Security check

Prior to departure of the flight each passenger and each baggage checked-in and each hand baggage will be exposed to a security check. This will happen subsequent to ticketing and passport control. The up-to-date X-ray instruments used for checking passengers have no impact on pacemakers and celluloid photos. Baggage will be screened and, if necessary, opened in the presence of the passenger concerned. In order to avoid inconveniences, it is advisable to pack and select carefully what to put into a baggage.

In order to avoid inconvenient surprises, it is advisable to take care that the following items are put in the baggage to be checked in rather than in the hand baggage or pocket: pocket-knives, knives, scissors, manicure kits, needles, files, dress daggers, any thrusting-cutting tools or ornaments, self-defence tools (gas spray, electric shocker), arms, ammunitions, acid accumulators (e.g. for electric wheel-chairs ), heat generating devices.

If any such item is found with you, it will be confiscated at passenger security check. Confiscated items, provided that they are transportable, will be put in a closed special envelope and will be taken to the baggage space. Confiscation of any items will be recorded in a report. Considering that this check is carried out subsequent to passport control, i.e. after leaving the country, the passenger is not allowed to go back and hand over the non-transportable item to an acquaintance.

Since the events of 11 September, certain airlines do not transport items confiscated by the security service at all. Information may be requested at ticketing and it is advisable to clarify any possible doubts and to put thrusting-cutting tools in the baggage to be checked in.

Non-transportable items

Some dangerous objects or materials may not be transported in the baggage checked in either. For example, in particular: welding torches, sparklets, Scripto View lighters, camping gas equipment, friction matches, etc.

Paints, alcohol, gas oil, lighter gas, all liquid materials the fire point of which is below 150 F (65 °C) , inflammable liquids, diving cylinders or any other cylinders under pressure, etc. will qualify as dangerous materials.

Arms and ammunitions

Only such arms bag may be used for transport of arms which bears a well-visible label showing FIREARMS UNLOADED. Not more than 5 kg ammunitions may be checked in as a baggage in appropriate packing, i.e. in a shock-resistant box. Each additional items which do not comply with the requirements for transport of dangerous goods may be refused. It is advisable to inquire in advance about the relevant rules, which might vary by airlines at the Customer service.

(Source - last update: 16/3/2008)



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